Renewal and Recertification

Certification Status Options

Circumstances may necessitate a change in status. The following options are available:

Extension: CHES who have paid their renewal fee for the current certification year but who have requested a one-year extension of their recertification cycle.

  • 'Extension' status may be granted for special circumstances including, but not limited to: personal or family illness, graduate study, foreign residency.

CHES may request 'extension' status for a maximum of two years during any five-year certification cycle. A letter of explanation for the request must be submitted each year. At the end of the current renewal year, the CHES will automatically return to 'active' status, as long as current renewal fees are paid.

While on 'extension' status, a CHES:

  • may continue to earn CECH
  • is not permitted to hold any elective NCHEC office
  • is not allowed to serve on any planning committee as a CHES representative

Retired: CHES who have retired from the health education profession may request 'retired' status. There is no CECH requirement for those in 'retired' status. The annual renewal fee is $15.

Reminder: All applicable fees must be paid for the period you are requesting Extension or Retired status before the request will be granted.

Please download and complete the Change of Status Form.


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