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. CUP Advisory Committee

Dr. Gary Gilmore CUP Chair former NCHEC Commissioners
Dr. Larry Olsen Representative, Coalition of National Health Education Organizations
Dr. Alyson Taub Representative, former National Task Force on the Preparation and Practice of Health Educators
Elaine Auld Executive Director, Society for Public Health Education
Dr. David R. Black Former NCHEC Commissioner
Dr. Tom Butler Representative, American School Health Association
Dr. Ellen Capwell Former NCHEC Commissioner
Dr. Helen Welle Graf Former NCHEC Commissioner
Barbara Hager Representative, Association of State and Territorial Directors of Health Promotion and Public Health Education
Linda Lysoby Executive Director, NCHEC
Dr. Beverly Mahoney Representative, Eta Sigma Gamma
Dr. Pat Mail Former NCHEC Commissioner
Dr. Mary Marks Representative, Society of State Directors of Health, Physical Education and Recreation
Dr. Marion Micke Representative, American Public Health Association, School Health Education and Services Section
Dr. Kathleen Miner Representative, Council on Education for Public Health
Dr. Sheila Patterson Former NCHEC Commissioner
Dr. Susan Radius Representative, American Public Health Association, Public Health Education and Health Promotion Services
Dr. Edmund Ricci Representative, Association of Schools of Public Health
Dr. John Sciacca Former NCHEC Commissioner
Dr. Becky Smith Executive Director, American Association for Health Education
Dr. Margaret Smith Former Chair, SOPHE/AAHE Graduate Standards Committee
Lori Stegmier Representative, Society for Public Health Education
Dr. Steve Stewart Representative, American Association for Health Education
Emily Tyler Former NCHEC Commissioner


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