Board of Commissioners

NCHEC Administration for 2009:

Board of Commissioners

Executive Officers 2009
Dixie L. Dennis, PhD, CHES (Chair, At-Large) 2007-2009
William Chen, PhD, CHES (Vice-Chair, At-Large) 2008-2012
Jiunn-Jye Sheu, MSPH, PhD, CHES (Treasurer) Vice-Coord.,DBPPP 2008-2009
Jacquie Rainey, DrPH, CHES (Secretary) Vice-Coord.,DBCHES 2008-2009
Mal Goldsmith, PhD, MPH, CHES (Immediate Past Chair) 2004-2009

James F. McKenzie, MEd, PhD, MPH, CHES (DBCHES) 2009-2010
Lori Elmore, MPH, CHES (DBPPP) 2009-2010
C.Suzette McClellan, MPH, CHES (DBPD) 2008-2012
Alyce L. Stewart, MPH, CHES (DBPD) 2009-2010
Rick Schulze, D.Ed, CHES (At-Large) 2006-2010
Elizabeth Chaney, PhD, CHES (At-Large) 2009-2013
Martha R. Kelsey, MA (Public Member) 2007-2009

*The term At Large denotes that a person only serves on the Board of Commissioners (BOC).

Division Boards

Division Board for Professional Development (DBPD)
Alyce L. Stewart, MPH, CHES (Coordinator)
C. Suzette McClellan, MPH, CHES (Vice-Coordinator)
Sean Kaufman, MPH, CHES
Audrey Shivley, MSHSE, CHES
Brenda Marshall, EdD, MS, CHES
Karen Coleman, MS, CHES
Melanie E. King, RN, Med, CHES

Division Board for Certification of Health Education Specialists (DBCHES)
Jacquie Rainey, DrPH, CHES (Vice-Coordinator)
James F. McKenzie, MEd, PhD, MPH, CHES (Coordinator)
Beverly Saxton Mahoney, RN, MS, PhD, CHES
Rebecca Filipowicz, MPH, MS, CHES
Marcia M. Ditmyer, PhD, MBA, MS, CHES
Betty C. Jung, RN, MPH, CHES
Roberta Ogletree, HSD, MEd, BSEd, CHES

Division Board for Professional Preparation and Practice (DBPPP)
Lori Elmore, MPH, CHES (Coordinator)
Juinn-Jye Sheu, MSPH, PhD, CHES (Vice-Coordinator)
Kelly Wilson, PhD, CHES
Mike Perko, MS, PhD, CHES
Stephanie Mathews, MPH, CHES
Carol Delong Pyles, EdD, RN, CHES
Stephen F. Gambescia, PhD, MEd, MBA, CHES


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